The central province of Quang Nam and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) held a meeting on July 9 to summarise and evaluate the results of a joint project to create jobs for youngsters by developing local economies.

The project, funded by the United Nations (UN) Foundation, examined the obstacles that youngsters face when trying to acquire work skills or start a business, by preparing them for jobs created thank to local economic development.

It focused on improving the supporting environment for businesses, stepping up vocational training and equipping youngsters with the skills to start their own businesses and join the labour market.

Through this project, many beneficiary localities have carried out surveys of the kinds of problems enterprises have to overcome and have helped them to draw up action plans, while appointing selected agencies to manage the training courses and act as business consultants to the budding young entrepreneurs.

Sandra Yu, the ILO's representative from the sub-regional office in Bangkok, praised the efforts the province has made to carry out the project successfully, adding that the ILO will continue to help Quang Nan on other programmes./.