Joint rice farming model brings farmers sustainable income

Cultivating rice without having to pay a lot for different varieties and fertiliser may sound far-fetched. In fact, this cultivation model is providing a sustainable income for many farmers in Binh Dinh province.

Nguyen Van Nghia has joined another 450 farming households in Phuoc Quang commune, Binh Dinh province, to cultivate rice under a model called “Great paddy field”. The model allows them to plant rice without paying for varieties and fertiliser until harvesting thanks to a loan from  a local cooperative.

Nghia and the other farmers cultivating the ‘Great paddy field’ earn an average profit of 1,000 USD per hectare.

Binh Dinh province is now home to 148 “Great paddy fields”, covering an area of 6,800 hectares. 3,400 hectares are under guarantee contracts with enterprises.

With a standard cultivation method and rice varieties, the ‘Great paddy field’ model not only generates high productivity but also improves the environment./.