Lao ethnics in Dien Bien celebrate water splashing festival hinh anh 1Scene at the  water splashing festival (Photo: VNA)

Dien Bien (VNA) – The Lao ethnic minority group in Na Sang 1 village, Dien Bien district, the northern province of Dien Bien, organised the water splashing festival (Bun Huot Nam) from April 14-16.

Water splashing is among the rituals held during the traditional New Year festival of the Lao ethnic group that lasts from April 14 to 16 every year.

The festival is held to say goodbye to dry season, wash off bad lucks and pray for favourable weather, bumper crops, good health and luck.

The shaman and prestigious and elder people in the village make prayers, splash fragrant water, and tie threads on wrist on all locals.

The festival also includes a rain praying ritual conducted by voluble women, together with a series of folk games and traditional dance.

A typical feature of the event is a water splashing ritual which takes place in a spring in the village.

Luong Sao May, the shaman of Na Sang 1 village, said that the water splashing festival is the pride of the Lao ethnic minority group in the village.

“Through the festival, we wants to promote the cultural identity of the Lao ethnic minority group in Na Sang 1 village to people in the province and across the nation, in order to attract more tourists,” she added.

The water splashing festival was recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on September 11, 2017.

Na Sang 1 village held a ceremony on April 13 to receive the certificate recognising the festival as a national intangible cultural heritage.-VNA