Lao police seize huge haul of drugs precursors hinh anh 1Ilustrative image. (Photo: FreeToday)

Vientiane (VNA) – The police in Bokeo province 340km northwest of Lao capital Vientiane, have seized 7.2 tonnes of substances that are used for the production of drugs.

The substances, wrapped in 289 packages, were detected after the police detained a suspected man on December 5.

This is the third major drug trafficking case discovered in the province recently.

Last October, Lao police arrested two men with 55,664,000 ecstasy pills and 1,537 kilograms of methamphetamines. Earlier, Lao police also arrested another drug-related case, seizing 6 million synthetic drug pills in Bokeo.

On December 6, police in the Vientiane capital also arrested a drug trafficker and confiscated 200 blocks of heroin weighing 76kg and 400 packages of methamphetamine weighing 420 kg.

Lao police have burst 1,106 drug-rated cases, arresting 1,562 criminals and seizing over 101 million drug pills, equivalent to 10,100 kg and about 1.6kg of methamphetamine during the implementation of the national programme on drug prevention from August to November./.