Wild animal researchers from Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in Vietnam and Phu Quoc National Park have discovered a large population of flying foxes (pteropus spp) in Phu Quoc island district, southern Kien Giang province.

The population, with an estimated 1,500 individuals, is believed to be the largest discovered in Vietnam so far.

According to the Director of the Australian non-governmental organisation, WAR, in Vietnam , Nguyen Vu Khoi, the colony of bats has been identified as the giant flying fox (pteropus vampryrus), the lesser flying fox (pteropus cf hypomelanus) and Lylei’s flying fox (pteropus lylei).

Currently, these bats are found only in Mekong Delta provinces of Soc Trang, Kien Giang and Ca Mau, say experts.

The animal is being put forward to be included in Vietnam ’s Red book of protected species./.