Lawyer confirms confession of Bangkok bomb suspect hinh anh 1Adem Karadak (Source: AP)
A foreigner suspect has admitted his involvement in the deadly bombing at a Bangkok shrine on August 17, his lawyer said on September 30.

According to lawyer Schoochart Kanpai, the accused Adem Karadak, also known as Bilal Muhammed, said he carried out the bombing under the orders from a man called Abdulah Abdullahman, another suspect on the arrest warrant list.

The lawyer made the confirmation after meeting the suspect at the military barracks in Bangkok where he is being detained.

On September 26, the police affirmed that Adem Karadak, arrested at the end of last month, was the same man seen in security footage wearing a yellow T-shirt and placing a backpack at the Erawan shrine moments before the explosion.

Among more than a dozen people wanted over the blast, both foreigners and Thais, only two men – Adem Karadak and Yusuf Mieraili – are currently in custody./.