It has been 2 years since the striking marine environmental incident in central provinces, including Quang Tri, late April 2016. Thanks to timely policies and measures from local authorities, fishing activities in the locality have gradually been bounced back.

As soon as the incident occurred, Quang Tri province sent 32 civil servants to 16 coastal communes to instruct local people to calculate damages and conduct new production models with a focus on livestock and farming.

According to Tran Luong from Hai Lang Agriculture Promotion Office, Quang Tri province, local civil servants assisted local government in calculation of damages, helped the localities build new production models, and also provided technology transfer regarding the models.

Hailing the effectiveness of the civil servants, Ho Xuan Duc, Vice Chairman of Trieu Van communal People’s Committee, Quang Tri province told reporters: "Many households have managed to switch to livestock and farming, such as pig farming, poultry farming and grass planting for cattle feed, among others. They do so in a very effective manner."

Reimbursement of compensation for the incident is also of the province’s focus. The locality so far has paid out 1,000 billion dong (or 43,550,000 USD). The payment works were carried out in a timely and transparent manner with social orders secured.

Vo Van Hung, Director of Quang Tri’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said, constant communication and information exchanges were always been ensuring during compensation reimbursement and fishermen assistance in order to address possible issues so that the money can be given to beneficiaries as soon as possible. The Department also advised people how to effectively use the money, he added

Besides conversion of production models, Quang Tri province also pays heed to resumption of fishing activities through various policies. Lending for local fishermen to acquire fishing tools and upgrade vessels is among such policies.

Tran Van Quang, Chairman of Gio Linh district People’s Committee, Quang Tri province said: "First of all, coastal communes always adhere to government’s policies on fishing activities. Secondly, we strive to implement decree 67 on off-shore fishing development policies."

The efforts to overcome aftermath of the incident were not being paused during two years and are still carrying on.-VNA