Local proactive in protecting rice crop from drought

After harvesting the Winter-Spring crop, local farmers on the downstream Vu Gia river in Quang Nam province have already prepared for the Summer-Autumn crop. Due to a shortage of water, farmers in the locality have switched to shorter period plant varieties or rotated to other crops.

Tran Van Muoi is working to select the best rice variety for the next crop. Taking into account the current water shortage; he has opted for shorter period rice varieties which can withstand drought.

Drought is forecast to affect the Summer-Autumn crop, so local authorities have advised farmers to switch to other crops to ensure production capacity.

With water levels in reservoirs running low, it is estimated that over 500 hectares of rice will be affected this summer. Local farmers have been warned to avoid growing rice in areas that don’t have enough water.

Switching to short-term crops is considered the best option to combat the prolonged drought and ensure the production capacity in central provinces./.