Malaysia uncovers new terror methods hinh anh 1Malaysian police (Source: The Indian Express)
Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Malaysian police forces have uncovered new methods of infiltrating the country being used by terrorist organisations after they arrested an Egyptian man and two Malaysians on February 2, according to Police Inspector-General Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

The investigations reveal that the Egyptian man moved to Serian in Sarawak state of eastern Malaysia to open a restaurant. The town, some 65 km from the state’s Kuching capital city and only 45 minute drive to the border with Indonesia, has no substantial Arab population.

The man married a local woman to access the spouse visa. Along with opening the restaurant as a screen, he, together with the two Malaysians, concealed a member of Ansar Al-Shariah Al-Tunisia – a Tunisian terror group that killed 38 people, mostly British citizens, in Sousse, Tunisia in June 2015. They also provided lodgings for the terrorists and paid for other expenses that included plane tickets into the country.

The police inspector-general said that foreign terrorists are planning to marry locals so that they can gain spouse visas that enable them to live in Malaysia.

Some are also gaining entry into Malay­sia under the pretext of conducting business and for further studies.
Terrorist organisations are using Malaysia as a safe haven and transit point before planning large-scale attacks on a third country, or possibly even Malaysia itself, he said.

Between February 2-9, Malaysian police arrested six Egyptian nationals, two Malaysian, and a Tunisian. Five of the Egyptians being held are affiliated with Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. –VNA