Nguyễn Thị Hà An, an architecture graduate, is interested in making miniature models of Vietnam famous traditional foods.

Hà An has began to make miniature foods from clay for about a year. Her creations drew a lot of attentions and love from the public.

Every miniature food is carefully made by An and her team. The final products are like real life original foods.

The models were made from clay and polymer. Each miniature clay took An and her partners nearly a week to finish.

Many traditional foods of Vietnam like banh my, pho noodle, che com... were transformed into realistic miniature models.

An's team took care to the smallest details of the miniature food they are trying to recreate, like the cold cuts, the onion, the slice of chili in the famous "banh my".

Hà An hope that her miniature foods can bring Vietnamese cuisine closer to the world./.