In recent years, the northwestern province of Bac Kan has adopted numerous assistance programmes and preferential policies to promote local agriculture.

Despite some products gaining big favour from consumers, Bac Kan’s huge agricultural potential is yet to be fully tapped. Therefore, the provincial authorities have granted numerous incentive policies to agricultural development, including preferential loans, financial assistance for cultivation, husbandry, farm produce processing and preserving, and centralized slaughterhouses.

In order to develop commodity agriculture, Bac Kan has been striving for deploying One Commune, One Product (OCop) programme. There are now 37 agricultural products meeting Ocop standards in the province.

With its favourable natural conditions, Bac Kan’s agriculture sector has huge potentials for agricultural development. In order to unlock the potentials, besides incentive policies from the local government, local farmers are expected to join hands for a systematic farming in the locality.-VNA