Numerous mural artworks on climate change have been painted on ten walls in Ho Chi Minh City, drawing great attention. The designs were selected from 34 entries to a mural art contestCity in 2030’.

Cities wreathed in a dense pall of black smoke and people wearing gas masks to combat toxic fumes and ashes from coal plants are both impacts of climate change and topics for the mural paintings on walls in districts 1 and 10 in Ho Chi Minh City.

As the theme of the contest, the paintings portray the young artists’ predictions for the southern city in 2030 given escalating climate change, aiming to call for actions to respond to climate change.

This painting delivers a message encouraging the use of renewable energy along with preserving traditional values of the southern city.

Ten blank old walls have new splendid coats thanks to these young artists. The murals have improved not only the city’s image but also the local’s living space.

The contest, targeting both young Vietnamese and foreigners, aims to offer opportunities for street art lovers to demonstrate their passion through works of their own.

In this way, information, knowledge and messages on climate change and clean and renewable energy will be widely disseminated, making it easier to access.

The winning murals are being painted in districts 1, 7 and 10 in Ho Chi Minh city.-VNA