The Vietnamese living in Russia have been enthralled, as felt more united, by music performances of famous singers hailing from the homeland and residing abroad.

On June 16, the first-ever music gala night held by the Hanoians Association in Russia brought together singers Anh Tho, Viet Hoan and Kasim Hoang Vu, and comedians Xuan Bac and Tu Long from the homeland and overseas vocals Bang Kieu and Thu Phuong in giving an enjoyable treat to the audience.

During the event in Moscow, more than 10,000 USD was raised to help children suffering from heart defects at home through the “Hearts for children” Fund run by the Vietnam Television.

On June 15, the music programme “Vietnam in me” was organised in Moscow also for the second time, seeing songs sung by Dam Vinh Hung, Cam Ly, Ho Ngoc Ha, Tran Thanh, Thuy Nga and Huong Tram.

The two events drew in over 7,000 overseas Vietnamese in Russia to come to enjoy.-VNA