National Assembly deputies on Nov. 15 approved new laws on inspection, public employees, and environmental protection, as well as passing the State budget resolution for 2011.

The revised Law on Inspection was approved with 81 percent of deputies in favour. Under the law, all inspections must be in accordance with the law to ensure accuracy, objectivity, transparency and democracy and must not cause obstruction to the normal operations of organisations or individuals subjected to inspection. The law will take effect on July 1, 2011.

With nearly 80 percent of votes in favour, deputies passed the Law on Public Employees, governing the rights and duties of public employees.

Under the law, a public employee is defined as a Vietnamese citizen who is recruited to work under a signed contract in a specified position within a public, non-productive unit, and who receives his/her salary from the State-run unit's pay fund in accordance with Vietnamese law.

The law will not takes effect until January 1, 2012.

The Law on Environmental Taxation was passed with 80.5 per cent of votes in favour. The law subjects certain substances to taxation based on environmental impacts, including petrol and diesel fuel, grease, coal, hydrofluorocarbons, plastic bags and insecticides.

The law, which also will take effect on January 1, 2012, will also authorises the National Assembly Standing Committee to consider and impose taxes on additional substances not expressly listed in the law.

Lastly, the State budget resolution was approved with 78 percent of deputies in favour.

Under the resolution, an estimated 398.7 trillion VND (20.5 billion USD) in taxes would be collected at the central level next year, and about 206.3 trillion VND (10.6 billion USD) at the local level. Central-level expenditures would total 519.3 trillion VND (26.6 billion USD), including 126.2 trillion VND (6.5 billion USD) to be channelled to localities, primarily for support of agriculture and rural development, with priorities given to provinces in the remote northwest, Central Highlands and southwestern regions.

Pursuant to the resolution, the Government will instruct relevant agencies and local governments to complete their own budget allocation plans for 2011 before December 31 for reporting to the next session of the National Assembly in March of next year./.