Nguyen Thien Nhan will stay on his top job as President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFFCC) in the next five years, the eighth Front Congress that wrapped up in Hanoi on September 27 has concluded.

Nhan voiced hope in his closing speech that the newly-adopted resolution will be widely spread and put into practice in real life, together with the five action plans for the 2014-2019 period.

The front’s future duties encompass making the national unity bloc stronger via patriotism campaigns; pushing for democracy and lawful, legitimate rights of citizens; supervising and scrutinizing social policies; taking part in building a strong Party and local administration; improving people-to-people diplomacy and enhancing international cooperation; perfecting mechanisms and performance of VFF units.

He vowed to successfully realise the resolution and renew operations of VFF – an umbrella of socio-economic organisations all over the country.

The meeting also called on the Vietnamese at home and abroad to join its endeavors.

It adopted the Congress’s Political Report and the revised VFF Charter.

During the next term, the VFFCC will group 383 members.

Vu Trong Kim, member of the Party Central Committee, will also remain in his position as the VFFCC’s General Secretary in the eighth term.-VNA