Thirty artists from the Netherlands and 10 from Vietnam are showcasing 70 works at the exhibition Meeting Point – Dutch Coloured Art, at the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum.

Roby Bellemans, curator and organiser of the exhibition, said it aimed to show contemporary trends.

Ma Thanh Cao, the museum's director, said the exhibits reflected various topics, from climate change and environmental protection to Dutch and Vietnamese landscapes and people.

The exhibition features paintings, installation works, graffiti, digital art, video and sculptures in an eclectic range of materials and styles and topics.

Simon Borst from Amsterdam focuses on plein-air paintings using oil paint on canvas or paper.

His works, including Home Abstraction and Meadow Fence, depict subjects from nature, landscapes and city sites.

His paintings have been displayed in the Netherlands, Turkey, Austria and Greece.

The museum's deputy director, Hua Thanh Binh, presents abstract paintings depicting the deep sea. He uses images of nude women and dark colours for his works.

Binh, who graduated from the Gia Dinh Fine Arts College (now the HCM City Fine Arts University) in 1974. He has held several solo and group exhibitions in Vietnam and several other countries.

Bellemans said he wanted to display all the artworks without titles. They are simply numbered from 1 to 70.

The works will be on display until May 15 at the museum at 97A Pho Duc Chinh street in District 1.-VNA