Party Central Committee discuss socio-economic development hinh anh 1The discussion on October 3 of the 8th session of the 12th Party Central Committee was chaired by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The 12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam discussed reports on socio-economic situation and State budget implementation in 2018 along with plans for 2019 during the morning session on October 3 under the chair of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Most Party Central Committee members showed their approval of the reports by the Government’s Party Committee on socio-economic and budget performance in 2018 and plans for next year, while analyzing outstanding problems and recommending directions, targets and solutions for the time ahead.

Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. Gen. Be Xuan Truong said in the context of complicated and unforeseeable situation both domestic and international from now to 2020, the most important thing is to make accurate forecast on future situation and decide appropriate measures in order to fulfil targets in socio-economic development and national defence-security in the remaining months of this year and in 2019 an 2020.

Truong said breakthroughs in development are needed for the country to overcome the middle-income trap. According to him, the key solution is to focus investment on hi-tech industries. Only high technology can bring about high productivity, quality and competitiveness, he said.

The deputy minister underlined institutions as the most important among the three strategic breakthroughs of institutions, infrastructure and human resources. He said appropriate institutions will enable the country to mobilize both domestic and foreign resources for development and to attract and optimize the use of talented people.

Secretary of Quang Binh province’s Party Committee Hoang Dang Quang emphasized that positive socio-economic outcomes in the recent time despite numerous difficulties, especially natural disasters, have proven the efforts of the entire political system and the sound leadership of the Party, the Government, all-level administrations and sectors.

At the same time, he took note of outstanding problems, one of which is the slow disbursement of public investment, and the delay in action of some ministries and agencies.  
He proposed that the Party Central Committee conduct a mid-term review of the 12th tenure, focusing on the implementation of major policies such as the three strategic breakthroughs, and economic restructuring in association with renewing the growth model.

A comprehensive and clear assessment of what have been done and what have not will provide lessons for the remaining time of the tenure and the foundation for the 13th National Party Congress, Quang said.

He also suggested the early revision of several laws, including the Law on Public Investment and the revised Land Law.

Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union Thao Xuan Sung urged the Party Central Committee to focus its leadership and resources on the restructuring of agriculture in combination with shifting the growth model and building new-style rural areas, with a view to raising agricultural productivity, and the quality and competitiveness of farm produce.

In his opinion, efforts should be concentrated on building cooperatives, improving rural labour quality in order to achieve set targets.

Sung said the country has been able to make good use of internal strength, especially that of the private economic sector. He proposed raising the target for GDP growth in 2019 to 6.7-6.9 percent, saying that such a target is feasible.-VNA