Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong received in Hanoi on July 28 newly-appointed ambassadors and heads of representative agencies of Vietnam abroad, asking them to make more contributions to the nation’s development.

The diplomats should well implement key tasks of external affairs during the nation’s industrialisation, modernisation and global integration, thus contributing to maintaining the country’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, keeping an environment of peace, stability for development and unceasingly fostering friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and the rest of the world and international organisations.

The Party leader also asked them to thoroughly grasp the Party and State’s guidelines on the country’s development, particularly the foreign policy of independence, self-control, diversification and multilateralisation, and being a friend, a liable partners and a responsible partner in the international community, he said.

He urged the diplomats to pay more attention to the Party’s external affairs, the State’s diplomacy, and people-to-people diplomacy in all aspects including politics, economics and culture.

The diplomats were also asked to help popularise the image of Vietnam and its people to international friends and pay attention to the protection of Vietnamese citizens and the overseas Vietnamese.

He stressed the need to learn about the host countries’ culture, people and custom.

For their part, the ambassadors and chief representatives overseas pledged to do their best to increase understanding and cooperation with their host countries in a more practical and effective manner for the benefits of the nation.-VNA