Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on June 19 met with newly-assigned Vietnamese ambassadors and consul-generals before they take up their positions overseas for the 2013-16 term.

The PM stressed that in order to fulfill their tasks, the ambassadors and consul-generals need to understand thoroughly the Party and State’s policies in all sectors.

He said great importance should be attached to political diplomacy, in order to deepen friendship and mutual understanding between Vietnam and other nations in the world and lay the foundation for economic cooperation.

At the same time, economic diplomacy should be promoted to garner support for the country’s efforts to sign FTA with its partners, help expand export markets, attract ODA and FDI projects as well as learn about economic management experiences from other countries.

The PM also requested that the diplomats should try to make other countries understand better Vietnam’s policies and stance, thus countering and invalidating distorted information spread by hostile forces.

In addition, the government leader stressed that Vietnamese communities overseas are indispensable part of the Vietnamese nation. Therefore, the diplomats must take good care of them, he said.-VNA