Quang Nam protects wild elephants hinh anh 1Wild elephants live in Que Lam commune (File photo. Source: baoquangnam.vn)

Quang Nam (VNA) –
The central province of Quang Nam has two herds of wild elephants living in some forests in Bac Tra My, Tien Phuoc and Nong Son districts.

The first herd has at least seven elephants living in Que Lam and Phuoc Ninh communes (Nong Son district) while the second has around 4-5 head living in Tien Hiep, Tien Ngoc and Tien Lanh communes (Tien Phuoc district), Tra Duong commune and Tra My township (Bac Tra My district).

In recent years, due to strong impact of the living environment, the elephants have often destroyed crops and fields of local people.

To address the issue, the provincial People’s Committee has coordinated with the Vietnam Administration of Forestry under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in building and approving a scheme on the establishment of Quang Nam elephant conservation area on 18,997 hectares. 

On April 26, 2018, the committee proposed including the project in the list of Vietnam’s elephant conservation plan, which was adopted by the Government.

The province suggested the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development consider investment in essential works to protect the conservation area, isolate the elephants from residential areas, and support livelihoods of people in buffer zones in the long run.

The ministry was also asked to support the province in protecting the elephants and driving them to the conservation area to ensure safety for both elephants and people.

If successful, the Quang Nam elephant conservation area could be developed into a unique tourist site in the future.-VNA