Quang Ninh to spend 500 billion VND buying COVID-19 vaccines hinh anh 1The first batch of COVID-19 vaccines arrives in Vietnam on February 24. (Photo: VNA)
Quang Ninh (VNA) - The northern province of Quang Ninh will spend at least 500 billion VND (21.7 million USD) on purchasing COVID-19 vaccines, targeting mass vaccinations as soon as possible.

Local authorities announced the information during a meeting between the cabinet, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, and localities on February 24.

Quang Ninh recently issued a resolution stipulating urgent tasks and solutions in the COVID-19 fight.

It will cut 10 percent from regular spending and increase budget contingency to a maximum of 4 percent per total budget spending in order to provide the resources to fight COVID-19 and other diseases and respond to natural disasters and emergencies.

As of February 24, Quang Ninh had reported 61 COVID-19 cases.

Local departments, agencies, and localities have been urged to remain vigilant and take measures seriously, synchronously, and effectively to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

At a meeting on February 23, the standing board of the provincial Party Committee decided to provide 4 billion VND to the neighbouring province of Hai Duong, which is now grappling with COVID-19 clusters.

Quang Ninh announced on February 8 that it managed control the COVID-19 pandemic just in one week after it detected the first locally-transmitted infection on January 27, according to the provincial steering board for COVID-19 prevention and control.

Right after Chi Linh city of the neighbouring province of Hai Duong reported the first COVID-19 infections, Quang Ninh  activated prevention and control measures with a view to containing the virus spread. It conducted mass testing, zoned off infected areas and quarantined people with a high risk of infection, helping reduce economic losses as well as stabilise the lives of local residents.

It was the first locality to carry out mass testing for COVID-19 so as not to leave out any F1 cases and miss travel history of F0 cases.

Particularly, the province has completed a map of safe zones to raise public awareness of safe and timely travel, as well as inform locals with travel history of confirmed cases, quarantine sites and medical facilities.

Meanwhile, students in Quang Ninh will return to school from March 1 after the Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday was extended due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

However, COVID-19 prevention and control measures will be tightened at the local schools, heard a meeting of the standing board of the provincial Party Committee on February 22.

Notably, schools in Dong Trieu town that borders Hai Duong province’s Chi Linh city - a COVID-19 hotspot will reopen one week later, depending on the latest situation.

Since the latest COVID-19 outbreak, Quang Ninh has closed its schools and adopted online learning.

The first community infection was recorded in Quang Ninh on January 27. However, thanks to its quick response, the province has soon put the pandemic under control.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Xuan Ky asked local departments and agencies to continue with the communication work in order to raise public awareness of the epidemic which is expected to continue developing complicatedly in the time ahead.

COVID-19 checkpoints within Quang Ninh will be removed, while those outside its territory will be maintained, he said, stressing the need to closely control people and vehicles entering the province, especially through waterways.

COVID-19 frontline workers will be tested for the coronavirus within 14 days, the official said.

Discos, bars and karaoke parlours will remain closed. However, localities where COVID-19 cases have yet been detected will decide the resumption of such services themselves and take responsibility for the decision.

At the same time, medical declaration and check-up will be stepped up in localities in the province./.