Railway sector targeting tourism market with rail charter services

Railways transcend mere transportation, offering passengers moments of leisure and the chance to immerse themselves in the historical and cultural heritage of various regions. Capitalising on these strengths, Vietnam’s railway sector has intensified collaboration with the local tourism industry, rolling out an array of adaptable services to cater to the diverse preferences of customers. Rail chart

This “Connecting Love” charter service between Hanoi and Dong Mo Station in Lang Son province carried more than 100 passengers on International Women’s Day.

One carriage was designated as a community space for cultural exchanges, performances, and interactive games, nurturing a sense of community throughout the trip.

Charter services with unique itineraries also allow passengers to enjoy regional cuisine on the train and stops at picturesque sites to check-in.

Following on from the success of the 5-star Hanoi - Da Nang train, which attracted numerous European tourist groups, and the Hanoi Creative Design Festival in late 2023, a highlight of which was the Gia Lam Train Factory, drawing 125,000 visitors, the railway sector is further broadening its range of flexible models with quality services.

As airlines cut many short-haul flights or maintain high fares on other shorter routes, railways have a golden opportunity to leverage the moment and promote exceptional offerings like charter train services./.