The making of the colourful and elaborately decorated costumes of Red Dao is very sophisticated, requiring a lot of diligence, creativity and meticulousness in every step.

A set of traditional costumes of Red Dao women include a blouse, trousers, belt, and headwear. The most important part of the outfit is the long-sleeve blouse, which covers over their trousers and is commonly in black or indigo colours.

Meanwhile, the men typically wear a short shirt with long trousers, and a head-scarf.

The recognition is significant in preserving and promoting traditional cultural values while popularising cultural features of ethnic minority groups in Tuyen Quang province.

Tuyen Quang province is now home to around 90,600 Dao ethnic people. Red Dao people mainly live in Son Phu, Sinh Long and Nang Kha communes of Na Hang district and Tho Binh commune of Lam Binh district./.