Vietnamese and Japanese experts on July 26 gathered at an international seminar to discuss strategies and solutions for the sustainable development of urban transport.

The event was organised by the Vietnam News Agency’s online newspaper, Vietnam Plus, in conjunction with the Doanh Nhan (Businesspeople) Magazine and Fuji TV of Japan.

Japan ’s experiences and technological solutions for urban transport were tabled for discussion, with a view of finding suitable answers to traffic problems facing major cities in Vietnam .

Dr. Ly Huy Tuan, Director of the Institute for Transport Development and Strategy under the Ministry of Transport, said one of the main causes of those problems is the small proportion of land for transport, at 7-9 percent of total land acreage in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, compared to the regional and global average level of 16-26 percent.

As a result, traffic jam, accidents, and environmental pollution are unavoidable when the number of personal vehicles increases too fast, Tuan said.

The institute’s statistics showed that the number of personal means of transport in Hanoi and HCM City rose by 205 percent between 2005 and 2011.

To deal with the situation, the experts proposed several solutions, including building a transport system centring on public transportation such as urban railway and bus routes; and encouraging the use of eco-friendly vehicles./.