The Vietnam women’s team have won two gold medal in the hoop and regu events at the King’s Cup World Sepak Takraz Championship in Bangkok, Thailand.

They triumphed over Thailand at 610-570 in the hoop contest and beat China 2-0 in the final to take the top regu prize at the Fashion Islans Department Store.

A regu event includes three squads of thee members who compete in a round-robin format.

In the preliminary round, Vietnam beat the Republic of Korea, Japan and China with 2-0 wins.

The men’s team beat China 3-0 before losing to Thailand in three sets on July 6. They also suffered losses to both RoK and Japan .

Vietnam’s 28-member squad of men and women competed in regu, doubles and hoop events at the championship.

Among other wins in recent years, Vietnam bagged two gold medals after beating Thailand, the sport’s inventor, in the women’s finals in Doha, Qatar in 2006.

Sepak takraw has been included on the third Asian Indoor Games roster, which will be hosted for the first time by Vietnam in October./.