Tourism, discovery of new destinations have become a passion of many people, including the elderly. Many people of a certain age take long trips. However seniors fit with slower placed tours, which focus on experiences and flexible service quality. Besides, slow tours also help the elderly to improve life quality and expectancy.

Despite being in their 80s, Mrs and Mr Lieu have a great passion for travelling. They just returned after a long overseas trip, and it’s their second trip this year.

The couple said the key things for their trips are passion and health.

Many elderly folks love travelling but due to age and personal interest, they prefer tour packages to enjoy full services from tour providers.

Unlike other groups of tourist, tour packages and itineraries for senior travellers should be at a slow pace.

In recent years, the number of senior tourists has increased significantly. Therefore it is necessary for tour providers to improve their service quality such as meeting and seeing off, catering and special tour guides.

Growth for slower paced tours for senior tourists is a bright prospect for tourism sector./.