State President Truong Tan Sang on Sept. 17 received in Hanoi painter George Burchett, son of the late Australian journalist Wilfred Burchett.

George Burchett and his family are in Hanoi to organise the photo exhibition “Wilfred Burchett and Vietnam ” to commemorate the 100th birthday anniversary of the famous war reporter, who was a great friend of Vietnam .

On behalf of the Vietnamese Party, State and people, President Sang praised Wilfred Burchett’s contributions to the past struggle for national liberation and re-unification of the Vietnamese people.

President Sang affirmed that journalist Wilfred Burchett is a close friend of the Vietnamese people who braved difficulties to present at the Viet Bac resistance base and the southern region’s battle fields during Vietnam two resistance wars.

The journalist had spent a long time together with Vietnamese soldiers and his impartial and truthful reports had contributed to waking up the Western public opinion to support Vietnam ’s struggle for national independence and unification, said Sang.

The President also spoke highly of the enthusiasm of George Burchett and his family in organising the photo exhibition, saying it honours the noble cause of the late journalist and his feeling for Vietnam./.