Toa Tinh commune in Tuan Giao district is the largest cultivation area of “tao meo” in Dien Bien with nearly 150 hectares and an annual output of 900 tons.

With advantages such as no need to spray fertilize or care consuming, the apple-like fruits can bring economic efficiency for a long time.

The main consumers of this fruit are small-scale trade businesses and retailers. Therefore, the prices are normally unstable, especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognizing the obstacles, local authorities have enabled the establishment of a clean farm produce cooperative, which is responsible for purchasing the fruits, then processes them into products such as dried fruits, jams, and cider vinegar.

The cooperative applies biotechnology, scientific and technical advances to process apple cider vinegar into high-value products. It also formed a sustainable production and processing chain to raise incomes for “tao meo” growers./.