Teacher translates Vietnamese kids’ songs into English

Bach Thuy Linh (stage name Nguyet Ca), an English teacher in Hanoi, and her friends have translated Vietnamese children’s songs into English, so that foreign friends can learn about Vietnamese music. They have also sung these new English-language versions.

The melodies are familiar to all Vietnamese, especially children. The song “Canh en tuoi tho” (Swallows for children) by composer Pham Tuyen has been performed in both Vietnamese and English by English teacher Nguyet Ca.

She is disappointed that many children nowadays ignore beautiful Vietnamese songs. She and a friend, Vu The Chung, decided to start a project translating these songs in order to bring a new musical experience to children.

The initial songs from the project have gone viral on YouTube and on social networks. Students at local schools have heard them, and the reception has been positive.

Many bilingual versions of Vietnamese children’s songs have been created, and contribute to spreading a love for beautiful Vietnamese melodies./.