The Thai Chamber of Commerce believes that the national economy is likely to grow in the second half of this year following the disbursement of the 2014 investment budget of more than 100 billion THB.

The sum is believed to result in overall economic growth of 2-2.5 percent for the entire year.

Thanawan Polvichai, Director of the Centre for Economic and Business Forecasting at the University of Thai Chamber, revealed that the Thai economy is expected to recover positively during the second half of the year after the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) stepped in to address several issues such as living cost management, public transport and taxi services management and attempting to resume confidence in safety and security.

It is anticipated that the economy in the third quarter will distinctively expand by 3-4 percent and 5-6 percent in the fourth quarter.

The investment is expected to increase the cash flow in the economic system and restore foreign investors’ confidence.

Overall, the Thai Chamber of Commerce has speculated that the Thai economy will enjoy a 3 percent growth in exports. In addition, due to the improving economies of the US and Europe, which are Thailand’s major trading partners, the local economy in 2015 is expected to expand up to 5 percent as a result.

Other factors which are forecast to drive the Thai economy are the government's investment plan on infrastructures and an increase in China 's expenditures.

The Chamber will re-analyse the economic situation again at the end of July.-VNA