Eight associations in Thailand ’s fishery industry have vowed to stop employing illegal labour in a bid to help the country get out of the US’s Tier 2 Watch list.

Thailand has been on the US’s Tier 2 Watch list for human trafficking for four consecutive years and if the country does not make changes now, it could be included in the Tier 3 Watch list, which will have a tremendous effect on the country’s export, Agriculture Minister Yukol Limlamthong said.

The associations joining the bid include the National Fisheries Association of Thailand, the Overseas Fisheries Association, the Thai Fishmeal Producers Association, the Thai Feed Mill Association, the Thai Frozen Foods Association, the Thai Shrimp Association, the Thai Tuna Industry Association, and the Thai Food Processors' Association.

According to Chairman of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Isara Vongkusolkit, the eight associations would also focus on supporting and enhancing the workers' quality of life as well as declaring war against child labour. He believed that, with all sides' concerted efforts, the problem of human trafficking will eventually be eliminated.-VNA