Thai Nguyen moves to preserve Tan Cuong tea hinh anh 1Tan Cuong tea hill in Thai Nguyen province

Thai Nguyen (VNA) - The northern province of Thai Nguyen is now home to 22,000 ha of tea plantations, with Tan Cuong tea accounting for around 30 percent. The province is now working hard to preserve and improve this kind of tea plant, which have been grown for 70 years, towards producing high quality tea leaves.

While most tea bush varieties that have been around for 50-70 years have been replaced by hybrid species in many other households, the Tan Cuong midlands tea cooperative insists on preserving and even expanding the growing area of the ancient tea.

Nguyen Thanh Duong, Director of the Tan Cuong tea cooperative said he has a passion for tea farming and wants to preserve the original aromatic flavour of Tan Cuong tea.

Tan Cuong commune is known as a tea cradle in Thai Nguyen province with biggest area of tea plantations in the province. After 20-70 years of growing the crop, a large proportion of tea bushes have deteriorated with low yield. Since 2015, several projects have been implemented to preserve and improve the yield of Tan Cuong tea.

Pham Tien Sy, Chairman of the Tan Cuong commune People’s Committee in Thai Nguyen city said “the projects’ purpose is to maintain the trademark of local tea bushes. On the other hand, they also aim to combine them with other kinds of tea plants to diversify tea products”.

Midland tea now accounts for around one third in the total area of tea plantations in Thai Nguyen province. The preservation of midland tea is necessary to conserve the traditional tea flavour, which has been loved by generations of hot beverage consumers.-VNA