Bangkok (VNA) - Thailand and Laos are in negotiations about the potential of a China-Laos-Thailand railway link which could cut cargo transport costs by 30%-50% in three to five years, according to the Thai Department of Rail Transport (DRT).

Recently, Athipu Chitranukroh, DRT deputy director-general, and Kitjaluck Srinuchsart, deputy director-general of the Customs Department, visited Laos to discuss the matter.

The Thai government said the trade at the Thai-Lao border checkpoint in Nong Khai province was valued at 99.2 billion THB (3.029 billion USD) in 2022. Despite the pandemic, border trade still grew by 39.9% in 2022.

As reported by the Laotian Times, while in Laos, the Thai delegation and their Lao counterparts visited the site of Khamsavath Station in Vientiane, part of a 7.5-kilometer extension of the cross-border Laos-Thailand Railway connecting Thailand’s Nong Khai with Laos’ Thanaleng Station. The new station and railway extension are being financed with a loan supported by the Thai government through the Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA).

The line will eventually be linked to the Laos-China Railway in order to easily transport freight between Thailand and China via Laos./.