Thousands of Thai opposition protesters marched through the capital city of Bangkok in the morning of January 5 to demand Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra step down, according to news agencies.

A spokeswoman for the anti-government movement, Anchalee Paireerak, said that it is the first march of the year to kick off a mass campaign planned to "shut down" Bangkok from January 13.

They have vowed to set up protest stages around the capital, prevent government officials from going to work and to cut off power and water to government offices as well as to the residences of the prime minister and her cabinet.

However, the protest movement pledged not to disrupt the airports as seen in 2008.

The protests started in early November, 2013, after the lower house passed a controversial amnesty bill which was later voted down in the Senate.

Eight people have already been killed and about 400 wounded in several outbreaks of street violence in recent weeks.-VNA