Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – The Commander of the Royal Thai Navy has ordered all relevant agencies to work to their utmost to prepare for an inspection by the European Union set to take place on April 4 and has asked members of the fishing industry to heed any suggestions for change. 

Royal Thai Navy Commander Admiral Naris Pratoomsuwan, as head of the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing Resolution Center, has issued policy to the nation’s Port In – Port Out (PIPO) Centers and its three Command Centers for Combating Illegal Fishing.
PIPO heads have been asked to accept further instructions as there will be an adjustment to the structure of their operations to increase convenience for fishermen. They are also being told to be more stringent in their inspections of docking boats and to be more efficient in their efforts.

The navy commander has reminded all that resolving IUU fishing is the key to making the Thai fishing industry sustainable and acceptable to the international community. 

Admiral Naris has nonetheless confirmed that his agencies are ready for an EU inspection on April 4 as they have worked towards sustainability and the best interests of the nation since beginning the concentrated effort. 

On complaints by anglers that stringent controls have excessively impeded their fishing activities, Naris said strict enforcement of rules has already resulted in an increase in the number of marine creatures, asking that fishermen cooperate with authorities during this transitional period. 

He proclaimed that his center and the government over the past three years have shown the determination to boost Thailand’s fisheries sector in a sustainable manner, a goal that includes dealing with labour issues in the industry and ensuring human rights are observed.-VNA