Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – Thai Labour Minister Pol. Gen. Adul Saengsingkaew said the much criticized negotiation to remove Thai nationals found working illegally in the Republic of Korea from the country's blacklist is just a small part of the deal, as both countries are still looking for a long-term solution to this issue. 

Pol. Gen. Adul has addressed concerns and criticism from many sectors regarding the recent negotiation with the RoK officials to remove Thai nationals found working illegally in the RoK from the country's blacklist. 

The action to remove the blacklist was seen by many sides as not a way to solve this problem from the root cause. However, the Labour Minister said this move is one small action from a whole package discussed with the RoK authorities. 

The Thai officials have made a recent visit to several cities in the RoK to meet with local employers who expressed their wishes for the Thai government to negotiate with the RoK, to increase the number of legal migrant workers from Thailand to the RoK’s quota from 5,000 persons annually as businesses in Korea are in demand of skilled workers. They also encouraged the Thai authorities to provide better Korean language training for these workers. 

Local employers have also proposed the Thai officials convince RoK authorities to extend employment period in the country from a maximum of nine years, allowing migrant workers to work in extendable four years and 10 months terms. 

The Labour Minister said the RoK authorities have taken these suggestions into consideration, and will cooperate with Thai authorities on this matter, while the request to remove illegal workers from the blacklist is intended to allow Thai workers to begin their life again free from legal consequences. 

He said these groups of people already have the advantage of having better language skills and are better adapted to the Korean society, and have the potential to be hired back in a better position if they receive more training from Thailand, only if they are exempted from the blacklist which would bar them from entering the RoK.-NNT/VNA