Thailand: Suspect in Phukhet bomb blast hides in Malaysia hinh anh 1(Source:
Bangkok (VNA)Thailand’s police said on August 20 that Ahama Lengha from Narathiwat province is on the run in Malaysia after an arrest warrant was issued for him over his suspected involvement in the bomb attack in Phuket on August 12.

A military court issued the arrest warrant for Ahama Lengha after DNA collected at the scene of the bombing matched his DNA in relation to another bomb blast in 2008.

In 2008, Ahama was wanted under an arrest warrant over his suspected involvement in acts of violence in South Thailand.

Ahama escaped from his locality and works at a fertiliser factory in Malaysia, but he returns home every weekend.

Police put his arrest warrant into the police surveillance system and alerted all border checkpoints to be on the lookout for him.

Phukhet is one of the southern provinces that suffered from bomb explosions on August 12, which killed four and injured 35 others.

Thai authorities have yet to identify whether culprits of the bombings are connected to a terrorist organisation or an opposition group.-VNA