Thailand: Three monks charged for illicit wildlife trade hinh anh 1Three monks charged in Thailand as tiger potions, charms point to illicit trade (Source:
Bangkok (VNA) – Thai authorities on June 2 said three monks at Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua temple in Kanchanaburi province were prosecuted when local authorities discovered 40 dead tiger cubs at the temple. 

The dead cubs were found in a freezer with parts of other animals after the authorities tried to confiscate 137 tigers and take them to a government wildlife sanctuary. The cubs were only about one or two days old and it was unclear about their death.

The temple’s managers were accused of alleged abuse and illicit wildlife trafficking of endangered animals. However, the monks denied the charges and attempted to obstruct authorities’ efforts in removing a number of the living tigers from the temple.

The Buddhist temple west of Bangkok has long been popular with tourists who pay about 20 USD each to get in and pose for pictures with its tigers, and to feed cubs and walk among them.-VNA