Thailand: Upcoming JSOC law to prevent repeat offenses and improve safety in society hinh anh 1Thai Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin. (Photo: NNT/VNA)
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) - A bill aimed at preventing repeat criminal offenses, also known as the JSOC bill, has already received House approval and is awaiting enforcement.

Justice minister Somsak Thepsuthinasserts this law will enable the monitoring of persons who previously committed a sex crime, violence, or extortion. It is hoped the upcoming law will prevent repeat offenses and foster safety for former victims.

The minister explained the JSOC law will enable the monitoring of dangerous persons and foster safety in society. The law is aimed at preventing repeat offenses relating to sexual abuse or violence. Mr. Somsak said that once announced in the Government Gazette, all relevant agencies, especially the Corrections Department, will rigorously enforce the law.

JSOC is the abbreviation for Justice Safety Observation Ad hoc Center, which was set up by the Ministry of Justice to monitor certain inmates after their release.

The new law places emphasis on convicted persons within 3 watch list groups. The first group involves former convicts who were released before the law becomes effective, of which there are about 100. Once the law takes effect, authorities will consider summoning these individuals for EM bracelet attachment. The maximum time period for EM being required on a person is 10 years.

The second watch list group comprises persons who are about to leave prison. The third group comprises those who will be entering prison.

The justice minister said he believes the JSOC law will protect former victims and enable them to have peace of mind. Violence perpetrators who are released from prison will be subject to monitoring. Mr. Somsak said he personally wants the JSOC bill to become law as soon as possible./.