A ceremony to mark the establishment of the Central Theoretical Council for the 2011-15 period was held on Oct. 19.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the Council Dinh The Huynh, who is also secretary of the Party Central Committee, said that the Council has been affirmed as a continuing advisory agency for the Party Central Committee and the Political Bureau on political science, which plays an important role in planning and developing Party policies and State-level programmes.

In this period, the council will focus on reviewing theoretical and practical issues in the 30 years of renewal, and building the platform for national construction in the transitional period to socialism.

The council will also concentrate on providing theoretical-practical basis for draft documents to be presented at the 12th Party Congress, and clarifying issues on the ruling party, the socialist-oriented market economy, cultural and social development and national defence strategies.

On the same day, the council conducted its first session, with Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong affirming the important role of theory and theoretical work.

The council has played a pivotal role as an advisory agency and has attracted experts and scientists majoring in politically theoretical issues directly involved in planning the Party and State's guidelines and policies, he said.

Trong stressed that it is important to study theory from practice and suggested five important research aspects in the time to come.

Firstly, the council needs to study the nature, characteristics and trends of today's transforming world.

Secondly, theoretical studies are needed to continue refining socialist-oriented issues and other issues involved.

Thirdly, it should focus on a theoretical and practical review of sustainable development and renewal of the national growth model.

Fourthly, the relationship between building socialism and protecting the socialist country should be examined.

Finally, it should focus on researching issues on the ruling party, the law-gorverned State and political reform. /.