Tourist arrivals to Hoang Su Phi district topped 28,600 with 8,000 foreigners in 2018. In the first half of this year, the district welcomed over 19,000 tourist arrivals, bringing nearly 560,000 USD to the locality. 

With rich cultural values and untouched natural beauty, Hoang Su Phi district has developed community-based and adventure tourism products, including trekking and homestays. So far, there are seven cultural villages being established and gained public attention in the district. 

Every year, the district government organises training workshops for local residents on sustainable tourism development. 

Hoang Su Phi district, with its stunning landscapes and distinctive cultural values, holds huge potential for ecotourism and community-based tourism. However, in order to bolster sustainable tourism in the locality, experts urge local authorities and relevant agencies to join hands in improving infrastructure and standardize tourism products./.