More than 400 years ago, with the help of local residents, Lao people built Muong Va Tower in Muong Va commune. The people brought their beliefs in worshiping Buddha with them as they resettled, so Muong Va Tower bears the imprint of Buddhism.

It is also a rare architectural work in Son La bearing the imprint of Lao culture in Vietnam.

Muong Va Tower is 13 metres high with five floors, and from afar visitors can see it soaring into the blue sky with sharp, elegant lines, creating a majestic look.

Besides meeting spiritual needs, Muon Va Tower is also considered a symbol of the special solidarity between Vietnam and Laos.

 To Lao people living in Muon Va, the sacredness of the tower has been hidden within community life for many generations.

Not only playing a spiritual role in protecting villagers, the tower is also a place to practice religious and cultural rituals, creating distinct cultural features in Vietnam’s border areas./.