Vietnam’s Nhan dan (People) newspaper has participated in a festival held by “Humanitarian newspaper” and the Communist Party of France in Paris.

Nhan dan’s exhibition pavilion at the September 11-13 festival, which drew the participation of over 80 international delegations, got a special attention from French friends.

Apart from fine arts products and traditional food as usual, the Vietnamese pavilion showcased a collection of photographs and documents themed “Vietnam-Land and People,” reflecting the image of a country steadfastly overcoming the economic crisis.

Photos on Vietnamese Agent Orange /Dioxin victims were a strong message to international friends, saying Vietnam is still suffering from consequences of the war, and the country is always thirsty for peace.

The Humanitarian newspaper Festival 2009, which took place in the circumstance of the global economic crisis, was aimed at sharing common difficulties that people of France and peoples all over the world are suffering.

Tens of thousands of people visited the event./.