Vietnam has been nominated by Asia-Pacific countries in the UN as their only candidate for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations (UN) Security Council for the 2020-2021 tenure, with the vote slated for June 7. This is the second time the country has run for the post, after the 2008-2009 tenure. 

The UN Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the UN, charged with ensuring international peace and security.

It has 15 members (five permanent and 10 non-permanent). Each year, the council elects five non-permanent members for a two-year term.

The requirement for a country to obtain a non-permanent seat in the UNSC is two thirds of the votes from 193 UN member nations.

Vietnam’s running for the position as comes from the country’s desire to be a responsible member of the international community and make more contributions to global peace, development and prosperity.

In the future, Vietnam will continue joining hands with other member countries of the council to promote equal, friendly and cooperative international rapports as well as ensure the legitimate interests of all nations, especially developing ones.-VNA