Vietnam leaves impression at cultural festival in Egypt hinh anh 1Visitors ​at the display area of Vietnam at the festival. (Source: VNA)

Cairo (VNA) – Vietnam left strong impression on visitors at the 14th Sakia International Cultural Festival in the Egyptian capital city of Cairo.

The festival drew the participation of nearly 30 countries and territories across the world. This is the second time Vietnam has attended the event.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Egypt introduced many documents, books, photos and objects on culture, history, country and people of Vietnam, especially its heroic history and outstanding achievements after 30 years of reform.

Besides books on tourism introducing exciting destinations and unique features of regions, there also were maps and documents on Vietnam’s islands. A video clip entitled “Welcome to Vietnam” and a short film on President Ho Chi Minh’s life and career were screened at the festival.

Vu Thien, Minister Counsellor of the Vietnamese Embassy, said Egyptian and international friends are very interested in and highly evaluate Vietnam’s unique cultural features.

In 2017 and upcoming years, the embassy will organise a series of events under the theme “Following Uncle Ho’s Footsteps.”

The Sakia International Cultural Festival was organised annually and is an occasion for delegations to exchange cultural activities and boost unity and understanding.-VNA