Vietnam proves growing foothold in semiconductor value: Tractus

Vietnam has proved its significant and growing foothold in the semiconductor value chain across ASEAN in recent years, business strategy consulting and operations management firm Tractus wrote in its recent article.

According to the article, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and US trade restrictions, semiconductor manufacturers are on the lookout for new locations, and Vietnam has emerged as a compelling choice.

The Vietnamese government is capitalising on this trend by offering competitive incentives for foreign direct investment projects, particularly in high-tech sectors.

It added that Vietnam’s booming electronics industry, led by multinational corporations such as Samsung and Daewoo, has played a vital role in a proportional increase in semiconductor materials to fabricate the necessary electronic components.

Alongside foreign investment, Vietnamese technology companies are actively shaping the future of the industry. Notably, FPT, through its subsidiary FPT Semiconductor, has entered the domestic fabless market.

In conclusion, it wrote: “Vietnam’s strategic location, cost advantages, and burgeoning electronics industry position it as a rising star in the global semiconductor landscape.”/.