Vietnam striving to ensure vulnerable groups’ interests: professor hinh anh 1A boy is injected with COVID-19 vaccine in Vietnam. (Photo: VNA)
Ottawa (VNA) – Vietnam always pays attention to implementing UN conventions on the protection of vulnerable groups, according to Professor Julie Nguyen, President of the Canada - ASEAN Initiatives at York University.

The country has worked to ensure interests of the groups, including women, children, the elderly, ethnic groups in remote areas, and people with disabilities, the professor who joined the compilation of the UN’s Human Development Report 2017-Vietnam told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).

The professor said she and the international community admire achievements Vietnam has recorded in national development and ensuring people’s economic, social, educational and cultural rights.

Since the Vietnamese Government launched Doi Moi (Reform) in 1986, the country’s poverty rate has been reduced significantly, and the national economy developed outstandingly, she stressed, noting that countries worldwide are more interested in Vietnam as an indispensable partner.

 According to the professor, the world highly values the Vietnamese Party’s and State’s leadership during the COVID-19 fight with free-of-charge vaccination and the launch of packages in support of businesses and people.

Notably, Vietnam’s engagement in UN peacekeeping operations has demonstrated its increasingly rising position and role in the diplomatic sector, and in ensuring human rights, Julie Nguyen said./.