The Vietnamese delegation to the Tokyo Olympics comprises 43 members, including 18 athletes. They competed in 11 sports.

Among the athletes, badminton player Nguyen Thuy Linh obtained two victories after three matches and runner Quach Thi Lan was the only unranked athlete in the top 24 best runners in the semi-finals.

Deputy General Director of the Vietnam Sports Administration Tran Duc Phan said that there remains a huge gap between the ability of Vietnamese athletes and their rivals at the Olympic arena and the athletes did not obtain expected results at the Games.
The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a major blow to the preparations of the athletes, he explained, as most of them could not join training sessions and competitions due to social distancing measures.

A lack of mental strength of some athletes and unreasonable tactics are among subjective reasons, Phan added.

He said that experience at the Tokyo Olympics will serve as a valuable lesson for Vietnamese athletes in their coming tournaments./.