The creator of the popular Urban Station and Coffee House cafe chains, Nguyễn HảiNinh, made the cut. Choosing the popular target customer, The Coffee House, is considered as an upgraded version of Urban Station, has expanded 20 stores in just one year which are located in beautiful locations and positions on the main roads of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Also featured on the list is Nguyen HoàngHải, who created Canavi, a careers platform which reached 20,000 users within a year of being founded in 2015. 

Finally, the founder of the food finder app LoziNguyễnHoàngTrung, rounded out Vietnam’s presence on the “30 Under 30” Asia. His startup was founded in 2012 and received seven-digit funding from Golden Gate Ventures and DesignOne Japan in 2015.

Forbes' "30 Under 30" Asia was launched last year, when seven Vietnamese entrepreneurs and scientists were honored.-VNA