Vietnam’s Tra fish export value is expected to reach a record 2 billion USD this year. Over the past 20 years, Vietnam has been the only tra fish exporter. However, many other nations are producing tra fish, including Vietnam’s major import markets.

Vinh Hoan JS company is one of the country’s biggest tra fish processors for export. The company said good tra fish prices have provided farmers with a good income. Tra fish farmers can manage well the risks in farming, therefore, they can sell their products at the best prices. 

Vietnam has been the only country in the world that produces, processes and exports tra fish. The US, China and ASEAN are the main markets. However, many markets, seeing the potential, start making investment  in the field.

Currently, Vietnam produces 1.3 million tonnes, whereas India produces 650,000 tonnes, Bangladesh 450,000 tonnes, and Indonesia, 110,000 tonnes. China, Vietnam’s biggest importer, is also farming tra fish.

According to experts, Indonesia and Bangladesh have started their tra fish export. Many international groups, with strong financial and technology capabilities have also started their investment in tra fish farming in Vietnam.

Tra fish producers believe that good breeding is necessary to improve the competitiveness of Vietnam’s tra fish. Therefore, it is necessary to apply technology to create high yield and resilient varieties of tra fish./.